I'm a NEXTSTEP/Openstep enthusiast (soon to be Rhapsody I suppose.)

Here's a picture of a NeXT cube on fire ('member the cubes had a magnesium shell)

Here are some pictures of me in April '99 with a Delta 3 and Orion payload.

I used to work here, however, I still keep in touch will a bunch of very stylin' colleagues via something of an alumni clearinghouse.

After that I spent some time working on The Cassini Project at JPL as an employee of Sterling Software . I was fortunate enough to spend time with the spacecraft's ATLO group both in Pasadena and at Cape Canaveral. I was there for launch on October 15 1997. Check out video of Cassini being launched (via a Titan IVB) and processed for launch.

I now work for Boeing Satellite Systems in El Segundo.

Here's a picture of me working late into the night during the Cassini MDR (Launch/Mission Dress rehearsal) this was about 3 weeks before I went back to the Cape to support launch.

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